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Eyebrow Threading and Waxing

What is Eyebrow Threading?

During eyebrow threading, our skilled technician will use a length of pure cotton thread.  The technician will roll back and forth along your brow line.

The twisting motion of the thread will trap the hairs and pulls them whole from the follicle. This will define your eyebrows well and leave a more natural shape.

Eyebrow Threading

Benefits of  Eyebrow Threading

More Precise

Less Painful

Quick Process

Chemical Free

Lasts Longer

Eyebrow Threading $13.00

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Eyebrow threading is a gentle process, so it should not hurt much. Most people get used to it quickly. People with sensitive skin may find it more painful than most. You can always request our technicians to do a quick test to see how you feel.

What is the best shape of eyebrows?

Every person’s face is unique. The shape of your eyebrows will depend on the shape of your face and how thick you want your brows to be.

Our experts will analyze your face and ask you questions before deciding on the eyebrow shape best suited to your face.

How long does threading take?

Threading is a very quick process.  It would take about 15 minutes to complete threading.

This doesn’t mean the process is rushed, it is just that threading is very neat, efficient and quick!


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