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Facial Waxing & Threading

What is Facial Waxing?

During facial waxing, warm wax is gently applied with a spatula to cover facial hairs.

The technician will then press a sterilized waxing strip on top of the wax. Once the wax sticks to the paper, the paper is quickly ripped off. The hairs get pulled out by the roots.

What is Facial Threading?

During facial threading, a pure cotton thread is used by a technician. The technician will use a rolling motion and pull the thread across your face.

The twisting action of the thread will yank out the hairs leaving you fuzz free.

Eyebrow Threading

Benefits of  Facial Waxing

Get rid of unwanted hair fast

Precise hair removal

Benefits of  Facial Waxing

Less painful than waxing

Quick Process

Chemical Free

Lasts Longer


Cheeks Waxing

Chin Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing

Forehead Waxing

Full Face Waxing

Neck Waxing

Side Burns Waxing

Unibrow Waxing

Upper Lip Waxing

Waxing or Threading?

Waxing is painful because the skin on your face is sensitive. Waxing can sometimes lead to unsightly patches or cause skin irritation, discoloration and even allergic reactions. 

Threading is more gentle, chemical-free and more precise.

Talk to our skilled experts who will be able to discuss both options and help you make the right choice.

How to prepare for waxing?

The hair on your face should be long enough. It should be at least a minimum 1/4th inch long. If it’s not long enough, waxing can be ineffective, and even lead to ingrown hairs.

Our technicians will first get rid of any makeup, pat dry your face dry, and then apply a pre-wax cleanser followed by a dusting of baby powder before they start waxing.

How long does waxing or threading last?

Generally, waxing lasts 2 weeks and threading up to 3 weeks.

However, depending on your asking type and rate of facial hair growth it could last longer or shorter.

Bottom line, whether threading or waxing, don’t go for either process if the hair on your face is too short.


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