Eyebrow Threading & Henna Art

Come in to Kurves and be delighted with the experience. You’ll love the result: eyebrows that are perfectly sculpted and natural. Leave the salon with a glowing natural look! 

Threading removes an entire row of hair, instead of just one administered painfully by tweezing that often causes irritation, swelling, redness, and ingrown hairs. Threading penetrates more deeply than even waxing, but it won’t peel and traumatize skin the way waxing does.

Perfect eyebrows aren’t the only use for threading. Remove excess hair from your forehead or eliminate unwanted hair at the root from the upper lip, chin, sideburns, or full face, and feel renewed with healthy looking, silky skin, allowingfor flawless makeup application., natural look unwanted hairs from your brows and face.

100% Natural & Effective

The technique is reported to be more effective and technique is reported to be more effective and  longer lasting than either waxing or tweezing. longer lasting than either waxing or tweezing. 

It’s 100 per cent natural, requiring no products, chemicals or uncomfortable hot wax, and it’s safe for every kind of skin, even if you suffer from eczema or exceptionally dry skin.

No appointment is necessary. Expedient and  talented, the friendly staff will have you looking your best in minutes!

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