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Brow Shaping

}10 Minutes $15/$16.50

Brows are the one thing you can get into shape without excercising. Threading or waxing, we got your covered! We are a Crew of brow obsessed, arch designing, brow shaping, hair removing, color enhancing brow pencil junkies. We are a team of brow specilists, and this is what we do. Give us 10 minutes of your time, we’ll give you the brows of your dreams.

Brow Lamination

}40 Minutes $75

Brow gels and pencils can keep your arches full for hours, but if you’re looking to keep your brows on point for days, you need to consider the KBB Brow Lammy. We may be so bold as to say… its changed the whole brow game! This service allows your brows to look styled, full and beautiful for up to 8 weeks. 

Bee Pampered Henna Brow Conditioning and Tint

} 20 Minutes $42

You need to Bee Pampered! This amazing henna brow treatment is done using The Bee Pampered Product Line, for the most natural look and feel. This service will leave your brows fuller + more conditioned, not to mention, have you buzzing around with excitment.

The O.G Brow Tint

} 20 Minutes $18

RefectoCil tints define your brows like you’ve never seen before. Stunning colors matches add depth, making them appear healthier and more voluminous.

Tint on Wax (thread) off Duo

}25 Minutes$27.00/$30.00

The classic brow sculpting with a brow tint for the most bold and beautiful brows.

Tint on Wax off Trio

}30 Minutes $48.00

Classic brow wax with eyebrow + eyelash tinting? What else could your brows want?! 

Tints + Lammy Duo

 45  Minutes $88/$95

We love these two together. They are the ultimate bold, beautiful, bushy brow dream team. Choose from our our O.G Refrectocil tint or its natural counter part Bee Pampered Henna. 

Ultimate Brow Pack: Lamination + Tint + Thread/Wax

} 60 Minutes $100

Life isn’t perfect, but your brows can be! The Ultimate Brow Pack is designed to give you everything you could ever need to up your brow game. Great Brows, great moods, great days!


Brow Shaping – Threading Edition

}10 Minutes $15

The Kurves Signature Service!  We can’t help but brag, we do it best! Our Crew of KBB Specialists are all trained experts in this ancient service. Although we love our wax pots, we can’t seem to put the thread down.  We use pure cotton thread to shape and define your brows, providing a sleek and precise look. Threading is a 100% natural technique that pulls even the finest, and shortest hairs with out irritation or redness. This means you get to keep your brow art on point even longer.

Lip Threading

}10 Minutes $6.50

No Mo-Stache! Threading is the perfect hypoallergenic, 100% natural, way to remove your little whiskers! With less irritation than waxing and a lot less redness, this walk in, walk out service will have you feeling like a hairless cat in no time.

Chin Threading

}10 Minutes $9

That soul patch singing a little too loud for you these days? Keep calm and thread on! This quick and easy service will have your face smooth and fuzz free in no time.

Sideburn Sculpting

}10 Minutes $11

Whether you are sculpting, edging,  fully removing or growing out your side burns to the likes of Elvis Presley, we’ve got the thread for you! This quick service is perfect for men or women. The percision of threading will make sure your burns are shaped, sculpted or removed just the way you like them.

Neck Threading

}10 Minutes $11

Whether you are sculpting, edging,  fully removing or growing out your side burns to the likes of Elvis Presley, we’ve got the thread for you! This quick service is perfect for men or women. The percision of threading will make sure your burns are shaped, sculpted or removed just the way you like them.

Cheeks Threading

}10 Minutes $6.50

This service is pefrect for men or women. Our Crew of KBB specilists is talented with thread lines and can guarentee you walk away feeling cheeky as ever!

Forehead Threading

}10 Minutes $8

We get it! Sometimes our hairlines, get a little too close to our brow lines. We don’t know how, and we dont know why, hair tends to want to grow where we want it least… but we have a solution! Forehead threading will remove your fuzzy headband quickly with very little redness left behind. It’ll be like it never happened at all!

Unibrow (The Divorce) – Threading

}10 Minutes $6

We’re all about a good love story, but sometimes …two become one, and lets face it – eventually, we all need a little breathing room!  Thats where our KBB Specialists come in. They will line up and clean up, the center of your brows, ensuring a clean and amicable brow divorce. The love affair must of course continue, but this time with a little more breathing room!

Face First – Threading Package

}20 Minutes $37

For the one who whats it all! The Full Package Threading service will grab every last bit of fuzz and hair off your face. Don’t want it? Don’t need it? We’ll thread it away! This package also inludes Brow Sculpting, for that little bit of hair you may decide to keep!


Brow Shaping – Waxing Edition

}15 Minutes $16.50

#everybroweverybody! No matter your brow style, we got you through thick and thin! The KBB Crew are magicians with thread as well as wax sticks, so however you want to do it, we are ready to help you reach your brow goals.

Sideburn Sculpting

}10 Minutes $12.00

That coarse hair that runs down the side of your face can be tricky, but we’ve got a treat! Waxing your sideburns  gives you a clean and smooth result that helps makeup go on evenly, and you won’t have to deal with stubble or marks from tweezing.

Lip Waxing

}10 Minutes $7.50

Ultimately the removal of the small caterpillar that lives above your upper lip can be done quickly and without jeopardizing the lives of any real caterpillars, thankfully. Kurves Beauty Bars carry both hard and soft wax options for delicate skin areas like this one.

Chin Waxing

}10 Minutes $10.00

“Not for the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin!” We figure the best way to get the big bad wolf off our backs is to just pull these suckers out ourselves!  Those chinny, chin, chin hairs, can be removed quickly and easily with our Kurves wax. Sensitive area for you? Don’t worry we use both hard and soft wax to make the experiance as quick and painless as possible.

Hairline + Forehead Waxing

}10 Minutes $9.00

Waxing your forehead or hairline to remove peach fuzz, baby hairs, define an uneven hairline, or even to change the shape of your face, requires a trusting heart (you), and a steady hand (us!). KBB Crew experts give free consultations on all our services and can help guide you towards all of your hair line goals and decisions

Cheeks Exfoliating/ Waxing

}10 Minutes $7.50

Cheek Waxing is a great way to clean up your face of  all of the finer hairs or fuzz you may find.  This service will smooth out the skin from your eye line down to your jawline, or your perfectly trimmed beard line.

Unicorn Waxing

}10 Minutes $7.00

Although the unicorn is known to be armed with magical qualities and infinite spirt, the unibrow has unfortunetly not shared the same reputation. Our unicorn waxing removes the hair between your brows so that your unicorn horn can stand tall. 

Leg Waxing

}40 Minutes $60

Half or Full

Face First – Waxing Package

}20 Minutes $42.00

The Face First Waxing Package is the “The Whole Enchilada” and more! This amazing pack includes hair removal from your brows, lip, cheeks, hair line, sideburns, chin, and nose as well as a professional brow sculpting!

Arm Waxing

}30 Minutes $20/$35

Soft, smooth and hairless arms are just a wax away. Reach out to your KBB specialist for  a half or full arm.

Under Arms Waxing

}15 Minutes $15.00

Throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care! We can use our hard or soft wax on your sensitive (ticklish) bits and parts, so you can rest assured your service will be customized to your exact needs and preferences.

Back Waxing

}30 Minutes $25 /$45

Half Full

Chest/Stomach Waxing

}15 Minutes $20.00

Remove those annoying chest or stomach hairs quickly and enjoy the smoothness of a Kurves wax.

Bikini or Brazilian Waxing

}15/20 Minutes $30/$55

We’re dedicated to keeping your Kitty pretty! Hairy or hairless we’re here for it. Our Kurves Specialist will consult on the perfect amount of hair for your down there, and make sure it looks just the way you want it!

Arms Length Wax Package

}35 Minutes $47.00

From P.I.T to T.I.P the Arms Length combo includes your full arm and under arm waxing.

Below the Belt Wax Package

}60 Minutes $95/$125

Hit em’ where it hurts! They say! The below the belt pack, leaves you with no hair down there… no hair at all! This amazing deal includes a bikini or full brazilian as well as full leg wax. We can’t promise it wont hurt at all, but we can promise it’ll be worth it!


Lash Tint

}35 Minutes $18.00

A little tint goes a long way… Imagine waking up and never having to put on that coat of mascarra, instead a frame of bold, dark and beautiful lashes frames your eyes.

Eyes Wide Open Duo

}30 Minutes $65

The Lash Tint combined with our Lash Lift will leave you looking like your natrual lashes just got ultimate coat of mascara.

Lash Lift

}30 Minutes $55

Put a bounce in your step and your lashes. The lash lift will make sure your hopes dreams and lashes are always looking up… at least for the next six to eight weeks.

Lash Extensions

30 Minutes $90 +

If only our lashes could be as long as our weekend… This amazing service is available at selected Kurves Beauty Bar locations only! Please book ahead for your appointment


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