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General Questions

What is eyerbrow threading?

During eyebrow threading, our skilled technician will use a length of pure cotton thread.  The technician will roll back and forth along your brow line. The twisting motion of the thread will trap the hairs and pulls them whole from the follicle. This will define your eyebrows well and leave a more natural shape.

What is eyebrow waxing?

During eyebrow waxing, warm wax is thinly applied with a wooden spatula to the hairs that need to be removed. A waxing strip is then applied directly over the area that has been waxed. The paper will be pressed down gently to make the wax stick to the paper. Finally, the paper is then swiftly pulled away, removing the hairs out directly from the root.


What is better waxing or threading?

Waxing is not suitable for anyone undergoing chemical peels or for people using retinol-based products. It is also not suited for people with sensitive skin. Waxing needs to be done extremely carefully or it could result in misshapen eyebrows.

Threading is more precise and gentler on the eyes. Overall, threading is better.

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Eyebrow threading is a gentle process, so it should not hurt much. Most people get used to it quickly.  People with sensitive skin may find it more painful than most. You can always request our technicians to do a quick test to see how you feel.

How long does threading take?

Threading is a fairly quick process. Most brow professionals will be able to get you in and out in about 15 minutes.

That doesn’t mean they will rush the job or hurry you, it’s just that threading is efficient and fast.

How to deal with redness or irritation?

While most people have no issues, for some people threading can cause a little redness and minor irritation if you have sensitive skin .

In that case, just apply a cooling gel. Especially  aloe vera or tea tree gel helps to  soothe the skin, and remove any redness.

What is the process for Facial Waxing

Facial waxing involves the application of warm wax on your facial hair. A waxing strip is then applied on the wax and gently pressed down to make it stick.

The technician will then gently rip away the was strip, taking the hair with it.

What is the ideal time between appointments?

It really depends on how fast your hair grows back.  Typically it would be about three weeks’ time between appointments.

One good rule to follow, don’t overpluck! Overgrown eyebrows are easier to shape and maintain than overplucked ones.


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